I'm Literally In Disbelief At These 18 Extremely Dumb Things People Actually Thought It Was A Good Idea To Post On The Internet Last Week

I'm Literally In Disbelief At These 18 Extremely Dumb Things People Actually Thought It Was A Good Idea To Post On The Internet Last Week

1.On South Africa:

Summary of comments on a social media post debating if South Africa is a continent or a country, with users reacting humorously and a mix of emojis

2.On telling time:

A series of comments discussing whether a quarter past 3 is 3:25 or not, with playful confusion and interactions among the commenters

3.On Shrek's restaurant review:

Two Discord messages with anime avatar pics. First: "NO, this server is so meaty ogre... UGH". Second: "meaty ogre, saying as if something is moderate. HOW DO U GUYS NOT KNOW???"

4.On hot takes:

Tweet from 4/13/22: "i wanna share my hot takes but I'm afraid I'll get ostrich sized" with 8 comments, 29 retweets, and 898 likes

5.On marriage:

Screenshot of an Internet comment thread explaining that in some jurisdictions, a marriage isn't legally complete until consummation

6.On trinities:

A conversation discussing the meaning of "trinity" on social media, with various users debating whether it means three or a solid group of people

7.On the long arm of the law:

Comment text: "Regardless to what people say, the main was found innocent in a quarter law, you can't have it both ways."

8.On ducks:

Text conversation where user Gio (Hermit) asks if ducks are birds. Wujabes confirms, giving reasons, and Gio concludes chickens must be birds too

9.On moments of brilliance:

A digital clock display shows 3:03 above a shelf of CDs. Text above reads: "DO YOU EVER HAVE SUCH A URETHRA!!!! MOMENT AND THEN IT DOESNT WORK AT ALL AND NOW YOURE SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED" with lightbulb and crying emojis

10.On the hours in the day:

A social media post suggests using 10 extra hours daily for cooking, workouts, learning a language, or walking on the beach, despite 8 hours each for sleep and work

11.On cheese:

Text from an Internet find: A user shares about a woman who ordered a salad with blue cheese, noted it was moldy, and asked to speak to a manager

12.On those delicious moose:

Text in image: Explanation of a humorous misunderstanding at a restaurant about the term "moose bouse." The waiter intended to offer a "mousse bouche" paired with bruschetta and soppressata

13.On pie:

A social media post asks, "do y’all like ice cream or cookies? Or lemon marine pie?" The post has 10 likes and 61 comments

14.On putting things plainly:

A meme with text reading, "If you don't know how much money is in your account. Don't expect the cashier to be able to tell you. Its your responsibility to finance (lame mans term (HANDLE!!!)) your account." 6 reactions, 5 comments

15.On Earth:

A poll by XcellentDaily asking, "Who has more gravity?" with 70% voting for Earth and 30% for the Sun. 3,000 votes, 128 likes, and 9 comments
u/hanco90 / Via reddit.com

16.On bears:

Social media conversation about whether pandas are related to bears, with one person stating they are not and another saying they belong to the bear family

17.On the weather:

An online comment section discussing weather and climate. Comments include skepticism about weather forecasts and remarks on the differences between weather and climate

18.And on construction:

Tweet by Sal features a top text expressing a suggestion, followed by a tweet about removing a boxing in a top-floor room for more space. Image of a room included

Don't...... uhhhh... do that.

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