I'm So, So, So Sorry, But These Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Week Are Absolutely Killing Me

1.On numbers:

Text reads "When you realize every odd number has the letter E in it" with a comment below saying "two"

2.On spelling:

Graphic with laughing emojis and text "Nothing starts with O and ends with O." One comment visible

3.On movie times:

person mixing up matinee and manatee

4.On anatomy:

The image contains a screenshot of a text conversation discussing the misunderstanding of the term "vulva" with humorous tone

5.On publishing:

person mixing up pamphlet and pan flip

6.On life:

Screenshot of an online conversation correcting a typo in "Lifes," with mixed reaction emojis like 'Funny' and 'Agree.'

7.On dampness:

Image of an Instagram comment asking, "Why is everything soak and wet." Usernames redacted

8.On metals:

Comb with double teeth for hair grooming made of aluminum, alongside a customer review expressing doubt about material but satisfaction with quality

9.On expiration:

person mixing up expiration and inspiration

10.On rising costs:

person mixing up inflation and iniflammation

11.On getting the point:

Social media comment agreeing with the original post using the phrase "miles away from understanding your point."


Reddit post titled "What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard" with comments sharing personal stories

13.On sources:

Screenshot of a social media comment about verifying information with unanimous sources

14.On oven safe objects:

Screenshot of a social media post with comments joking about confusing wax paper with parchment and causing a fire

15.On blaming:

person mixing up scape goat and escape goat

16.On magic:

person spelling viola as wool la

17.On gas:

person spelling asinine as ass nine

18.And on dishes:

person trying to dry plates in a clothes dryerr

Come on, now.