Impending Russian offensive in Ukraine timed with US election, says HUR chief

Kyrylo Budanov
Kyrylo Budanov

Russia plans to launch a major offensive to try to seize the entire Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in June, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) chief Kyrylo Budanov said in an interview with The Washington Post on April 17.

The Russians would then shift their focus to the November elections in the United States and their aftermath, Budanov said.

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"The goal is to secure as much territory as possible before the inauguration of your president," Budanov stated, indicating that Russia's actions might be influenced by the outcomes of the U.S. November elections.

Budanov also suggested that Russia is favoring the re-election of U.S. President Donald Trump, whom they believe will formally recognize their military gains.

Russia’s new summer offensive

Russia’s troops are likely to continue offensive operations until spring 2024 and prepare for a summer offensive, as noted by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) on March 23.

Russia is creating a new armed force consisting of more than 100,000 people, which means that a summer offensive can not be ruled out, Ground Forces commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksandr Pavlyuk, said on March 22.

Russia may start a new major offensive from the beginning of summer, and Ukraine’s ability to withstand it this time appears “much less certain,” according to The Economist on March 28.

Ukrainian troops lack ammunition, and Ukraine is beginning to prepare brigades for important actions. Zelenskyy said in an interview with CBS. Russia will prepare its offensive at the end of May or June, he said.

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