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How hot will Fire Country‘s finale burn? Will All American: Homecoming triangle untangle itself? What historical drama is, um, history? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

Any scoop on Fire Country? –Deborah
The season finale airing Friday, May 17, will be a bit of a “bookend” to the Season 2 opener which found everyone in new places/jobs. As showrunner Nia Napolitano told me, “We started this season with everyone in a different place, and what I really wanted was for the finale to feel like a satisfying bookend to that very unusual, noisy launch where you felt like, ‘OK, people have traveled emotionally. Relationships have changed. Things have come full circle.’ Things that were stated and done and choices that were made in the premiere… there are bookends to them, in a way that makes the season feel like one story that is of a piece and that propels us into next season.” And yes, in addition to all those flowery words, there will be “twists and turns,” Napolitano promises. “Always.”

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Can we expect more queer characters on Fire Country this season? –Leonardo
I brought your Q to showrunner Tia Napolitano, who affirmed, “It’s always our plan” — but, for one example, there will be no new romance for Eve in the remainder of this season.

What is the runtime for Tuesday’s series finale of Shōgun? -Jacob
The screener I am looking at as we speak (but can’t bring myself to watch yet, because I’ll be so sad when this show is over), runs 62 minutes — so, a hair longer than the past couple of episodes.

Any news on a Season 3 renewal of Domina and Season 2 of The Winter King on MGM+? –Kevin
There is no news at this time on The Winter King‘s fate. TVLine can report, however, that the historical drama Domina will not be returning for a third season.

Any updates on All American: Homecoming‘s new season? —Kelsey
Martin Bobb-Semple’s (aka Lando Johnson) recent upping to series regular for Season 3 (premiering this summer) — paired with Peyton Alex Smith’s demotion to recurring as Damon Sims — is not necessarily a clue about the outcome of Simone’s love triangle, according to showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll. “Martin’s promotion is a reflection of what a gift to the show he has been,” Carroll says. “What I will caution people against is thinking that it means the storyline is going in any particular way. Simone will continue to struggle with the messiness of her love life. That is a promise. Like with any college girl, that is going to continue to be at the heart of things, despite her best intentions.”

Do you have any idea if/when CBS is going to air the four remaining episodes of Lingo Season 1 and Season 2? It’s been more than a year since they were pulled and there’s been no sign of them aside from the holiday special. –Matt
Sorry, there is still no timetable for them seeing the light of day.

Which episode of S.W.A.T. Season 7 did Jay Harrington direct? –Camille
Deacon’s portrayer (and fellow SU alum!) stepped back behind the camera for this not-final season’s penultimate episode, airing Friday, May 10.

Please give me any scoop on Station 19, preferably #Marina-related and NOT focusing on a baby. –Mandy
Scoop NOT focusing on a baby is a tall order for the couple, given that they are trying to adopt Liam and also considering using Maya’s eggs to get pregnant. But after everything that the couple endured in Season 6, you might be relieved to hear that co-showrunner Zoanne Clack promises TVLine that “they are lovingly together.”

Any scoop on Station 19’s Vic and Beckett? –Adriana
Knowing that some of us thought we saw sparks fly between the firefighters, EP Zoanne Clack is quick to douse that flame. “There is no scoop on Vic and Beckett!” she laughs. “They are just helping each other out.” In that capacity, we are headed toward what she calls “a beautiful moment of 19 kind of coming together and stepping in,” hopefully to help Hughes regain her equilibrium.

I need to know what song they played during the Chenford breakup scene in The Rookie. I will listen and cry to that song until they give me Season 7. –Ricarda
That was “Breathe Freely” by Uncle Leo, which… might not yet be released? Not sure, not a “music” guy.

Will Abby’s story from Walker Independence get revisited on Walker itself? –Michael
I’ve gotten a lot of emails like this, asking if/when Walker will offer up crumbs of closure for fans of the gone-too-soon spinoff. “We couldn’t get into that this season because that’s sort of a delicate thing, because it was a whole separate show,” Walker showrunner Anna Fricke recently explained to TVLine. “But that was, obviously, a story that we really wanted to tell and keep telling, and we got very invested in the history of those characters. So that’s always a possibility in the future.” On the upside: Next week, we will see Independence vet Justin Johnson Cortez again as Detective Luna, and Matt Barr is set for an encore as Hoyt.

On Chicago Med, are we going to see Hannah’s apartment after the her apartment caught fire in Season 8? And will there be more mini-crossovers with #OneChicago like we saw in Episode 8 of Fire?–TPB
I asked around for you, and alas the answer to both is no.

Any news on when/if TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress might be coming back? –Bevie
The series is coming back for another season, but there is no information on a premiere date just yet.

Will Carrie Preston’s husband, Michael Emerson, ever guest-star on Elsbeth? –D.K.
When I recently met with Preston and the CBS series’ EPs, everyone was very game to have Emerson fill a role — but it won’t possibly happen until (the newly ordered!) Season 2. “We’ve got four more episodes of Evil [to film], and then he’ll be available,” Robert King, who co-created both shows with wife Michelle, explained in late March. “I think [Evil will wrap at] the end of May, so not this season of Elsbeth.”

I’m loving Elsbeth so far but the formula can be a bit… formulaic? Will it ever change up once in a while? –Beth
“We will be experimenting with variations of the form in Season 1,” which has six of 10 episodes left to air, showrunner Jonathan Tolins told me. But insightful Elsbeth will always be spot-on with her hunch, right…? “You’ll have to watch,” the EP hedged.

FBI Katherine Renee Kane
Bennett Raglin/CBS

FBI‘s Tiffany Wallace looks like she’s spiraling. What can you tease about the rest of her journey this season? –Demar
“Tiffany (played by recent TVLine Performer of the Week honorable mention Katherine Renee Kane) will continue to struggle at times with her colleague’s death,” exec producer Rick Eid tells Inside Line, “but she will eventually get a chance to confront the man responsible.”

When the two-part NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 Finale starts airing, will there be new info regarding the Elite team? -Maria
I am hearing that not only will we learn more about the Elite team Sam has covertly been shepherding, but we will also get to see them, when in the finale they work a case with Tennant’s team.

Is NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Jane going to looking for her mother? Is that was this week’s final scene was suggesting? –Corey
There are no immediate plans to pull at that thread, but Daniela Ruah, the NCIS: LA vet who directed this week’s “reunion,” hopes they one day do so. “Like with any great show, you want to start planting these seeds that will hopefully come to fruition in further seasons, and I would love them to explore that,” Ruah told me. “And the wonderful actress (Celeste Oliva) who plays her mother…? I’d love to see her come back. She was so incredibly intense, and really perfectly cast for this, so I would love to see how that [real] interaction between Jane and her turns out.”

Matt, I congratulate you on your walk-on NCIS role. If you were given the choice, which federal agency would you like to work for? FBI, CIA, NSA, DARPA, Pentagon or NCIS? –Daniel from Argentina
Thank you, Daniel, for appreciating everything I brought to the role of Special Agent Key — namely, Resting Bureau Face. I have always said that if I hadn’t landed that editorial assistant job at Soaps in Depth a lifetime ago, I’d make a helluva spy, so I’ll go with the CIA.

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