Insider Today: Travel agents are back

Happy Saturday! After deciding to move to Bali on a cold NYC day, one couple is selling their tropical escape. See inside their rustic-luxury villa on the market for $1.89 million.

On the agenda:

But first: A chat with "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star Rob McElhenney.

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This week's dispatch

Rob McElhenney in three different photographs against a grey-colored background.
Rob McElhenney is Business Insider's June 2024 digital cover star.Sheryl Nields for Business Insider

Rob McElhenney's many hats

Rob McElhenney breezed into a sun-lit photoshoot studio in Culver City, Los Angeles. He was running behind schedule, but he was ready.

Looking at McElhenney on set while we shot Business Insider's latest digital cover story, you would've never guessed his morning started with a flat tire. McElhenney was charming, engaged, and curious.

It's those qualities that have turned the actor into a multihyphenate. Not only is he the creator of "Always Sunny," but he also co-owns Wrexham AFC, the oldest English football club in Wales. His ownership of the team is documented on his other hit show, "Welcome to Wrexham," which recently ended its third season.

McElhenny now has his sights set on something bigger, and he lays out his ambitious new plan in our profile, written by Samantha Rollins and Lucia Moses.

His "Wrexham" costar and co-owner, Ryan Reynolds, says McElhenney is the one to bet on.

"If you need to overcome a problem or manifest a miracle, tell Rob it's impossible," he told BI.

deck chair
Edmon de Haro for BI

Travel agents are back

Following the pandemic-era lockdowns, people are hungry for travel. Millennials and Gen Zers in particular are fueling a travel boom — but they don't want to plan their own trips.

Instead of booking online themselves, 38% of Gen Z and millennial respondents said they preferred using a travel agent. The interest in having someone else plan a vacation is returning travel agents to their '90s glory.

How travel agents came roaring back.

Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas.Art Wager/Getty Images

Everyone's moving to Texas

Movers from all corners of the US are flocking to Celina, Texas, a small town about 41 miles north of Dallas. You won't find a bustling shopping mall in Celina, but it does have one commodity in abundance: newly built-homes.

Major cities in Texas have long spearheaded the state's rampant population growth, but smaller, lesser-known spots like Celina are now taking the lead. That's partly because they offer what many big cities can't: low costs, a chill lifestyle, and homes.

Inside America's fastest growing city.

cruise ship surrounded by various items
Getty Images; Chelsea Jia Feng/BI

The right cruise for you

Thinking of booking a cruise? It's important to remember that not all cruises are created equal.

Each cruise line has amenities, entertainment, and experiences tailored to specific cruisers. For example: Carnival is good for families, while Cunard is a high-end option for mature travelers.

An avid cruiser explains.

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According to Dr. Uma Naidoo, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and professional chef, you can eat your way to a younger, healthier brain.

Naidoo told BI that what you eat can significantly boost your brain power and mood. She also shared the seven foods for a healthy brain — and gut — that are always on her grocery list.

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Bridgerton still
Liam Daniel

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"House of the Dragon": Season 2 of HBO's "Game of Thrones" prequel premieres Sunday.

"Bridgerton": Netflix's hit romantic drama released the (extremely steamy) second half of its third season.

"Monkey Man": Dev Patel's directorial debut, an action thriller about an underground street fighter, is now streaming.

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