Irish warriors brace for long St. Patrick's Day celebration

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Irish warriors brace for long St. Patrick's Day celebration

St. Patrick's Day celebrations were in full force early Friday with hordes of revellers setting up camp for a long afternoon -- and evening -- of festivities. 

Partiers packed pubs, bars and university districts showing their true green colours.    

London police had some fun on social media as they warned people to drink responsibly and stay safe. Extra officers were deployed, particularly in the downtown and near the campuses of Western University and Fanshawe College.

One officer managed to infiltrate a party with a simple St. Patrick's Day necklace and was posing for photos.

London firefighters broke up the beginnings of a makeshift party when about a dozen Irish warriors set up a massive tent. 

In Windsor, pubs in the Sandwich neighbourhood were packed with revelers, including Michael Colgan, who couldn't get more green.

William Lane used to go with is dad to Rock Bottom bar in Sandwich every St. Patrick's Day. Four years ago his father died, so as a tribute, Lane continues to visit the popular west-end bar.

His friend Josie Lizott has vowed to meet him at Rock Bottom every year as well. 

It didn't take long before police started busting up parties.