Isabella Strahan addresses ‘crazy’ comment asking if she’s still alive

It’s hard not to be in awe of Isabella Strahan as she continues to battle brain cancer and do it in front of millions of people.

Isabella first shared she was battling cancer on Good Morning America, where her father former NFL star Michael Strahan hosts the morning news show.

But the announcement, as raw and as emotional it was, was just the beginning for Isabella. Instead of just ending it there, Isabella chose to take the world along with her on this journey.

Now, as she continues to fight the ups and downs of cancer, she is documenting them through social media videos.

Over the last several months, Isabella celebrated her wins and endured set backs. . She’s also had to deal with comments from others.

On TikTok, Isabella responded to one of those comments.

(Warning: The link above contains harsh language.)

Isabella Strahan addresses “crazy” comment asking if she’s still alive
Isabella Strahan addresses “crazy” comment asking if she’s still alive

With a video of her dancing with a smile on her face, Isabella responded to a comment that reads, “Are you still alive,” with several crying emojis.

“Crazi comment,” she wrote in the caption on the video.

Her twin sister, Sophia Strahan, shared a comment in the comments section, writing, “Better than ever,” with the peace sign emoji. “Not going anywhere,” Isabella responded.

Hundreds of people were stunned by the original commenters brash remarks. And others praised Isabella for how she handled it.

“Praying for you keep fighting. I’m very proud of you,” one commenter wrote.

“No bc ur too funny for this. Sending you love, strength and healing girlie,” another added.

Isabella hasn’t shared a full length YouTube video in nearly two weeks.

The last update she shared on the platform titled “Ups and Downs” revealed that she had to undergo yet another unexpected surgery, her third craniotomy, meaning her final rounds of chemotherapy were pushed back yet again.