Island Nature Trust purchases old growth forest land

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The Island Nature Trust has completed the purchase of a section of Lewes forest in eastern P.E.I., which it describes as rare old growth, upland Acadian forest.

The 44-hectare forest includes mature eastern hemlock, white pine, sugar maple, red maple, American beech and yellow birch, which are valuable as a seed source for surrounding younger forests. Two headwaters streams begin on the property. Animals living there include at least one pair of the threatened songbird, the olive-sided flycatcher.

The land was purchased from Ella Stewart. She and her family had been keeping the land in its natural state since the end of the Second World War, with particular help from her husband John, who died a few years ago.

Stewart wanted to preserve the forest, the Island Nature Trust said, and was pleased to be able to pass it on for preservation.

Money for the purchase came from the MapleCross Fund and generous donations from 25 Islanders. The forest will be known as the MapleCross Upland Hardwood Natural Area.

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