Jax Taylor 'took Brittany Cartwright for granted'

Jax Taylor split from his wife earlier this year credit:Bang Showbiz
Jax Taylor split from his wife earlier this year credit:Bang Showbiz

Jax Taylor has been accused of taking Brittany Cartwright for "granted".

The 44-year-old star split from his wife earlier this year, and Jasmine Goode has now offered a possible explanation for their break-up.

The 'Valley' star told Us Weekly: "I think he sees Brittany thriving and being happy and shining and that’s rubbing him the wrong way possibly.

"I think Jax is so used to Brittany just kind of falling in line and always being there, ride or die, which is one thing I love about Brittany. She will ride for you. But I think he took that for granted and now he’s, like, scrambling."

Jax was recently seen getting cosy with model Paige Woolen, and Jasmine admitted that she isn't surprised by his behaviour.

She shared: "I’m not surprised. [It’s] typical [for] something that Jax does."

Meanwhile, Brittany previously admitted that the celebrity duo could rekindle their romance at some point in the future.

The reality star is open-minded about a possible reconciliation - but she won't put herself in a "toxic situation" again.

Brittany, 35, told Us Weekly: "There’s definitely a chance. But I won’t waste my time and get back into a toxic situation.

"Now the veil has been lifted and I see how much I was always cleaning up Jax’s messes. I’m thrown in the middle of all these fights and constantly forced to apologise for him in the media and to friends. It’s hard."

Brittany is also confident that she can thrive on her own.

She said: "I feel really strong.

"At the beginning, I was freaking out. I came to Los Angeles for Jax and we moved in together immediately, so I’ve never been here by myself. But now I have my own friends and my own money."