Jennifer Love Hewitt has bizarre tactic to stay in emotional place on film sets

Jennifer Love Hewitt loves watching pimple popping videos credit:Bang Showbiz
Jennifer Love Hewitt loves watching pimple popping videos credit:Bang Showbiz

Jennifer Love Hewitt watches "pimple popping videos" to get more emotional on film sets.

The 45-year-old actress admitted she has an unusual technique to relax and make sure she stays in a suitable frame of mind for difficult scenes.

Speaking to E! News, she explained: "I like to watch pimple popping videos because it's really enjoyable, A, and B, it doesn't mess with my headspace.

"It doesn't take me out of the drama headspace and into a happier headspace."

The mother-of-three - who has kids Autumn, 10, Atticus, eight, and Aidan, two, with her husband Brian Hallisay - revealed it's tough for her to see photos of her children when she's meant to be in a sad scene.

She added: "I find it hard to look at pictures of my kids while I'm doing crying scenes because then I get really happy. So, I tend to watch pimple popping videos."

However, popping pimples isn't the only way Jennifer likes to prepare for emotional scenes, as she finds herself listening "to a lot of music to kind of get in the mood".

The 'Heartbreakers' star tries to "keep it light" in between scenes, and she doesn't find herself stuck in a dark headspace for long, thanks to her family.

She said: "Honestly, the drama stuff has gotten easier for me since having kids.

"Because I have such a better balance now of going to work and kind of being dramatic and doing all that, and then the second that I walk in the door, it's like you just have to be silly. So, it lightens my mood up right away."

Jennifer previously opened up on how becoming a mother has altered her perception on body positivity and how people talk about women.

She explained on the 'Inside of You' podcast: "I'm a mother of a girl, and it's dangerous what we put on people. It's dangerous to say to women, ‘You can't look like you're not 22 to me anymore.'"