Jennifer Love Hewitt Shared an Image of Her Three Kids for the Very First Time

Autumn, Atticus, and Aidan appear alongside their mom on the cover of her upcoming memoir.

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It's not uncommon for celebrity moms to keep their kids away from the spotlight, but it's even more uncommon for them to have done it for almost a decade. That's exactly what Jennifer Love Hewitt managed to do, but today, she revealed the cover of her new book and, in turn, shared the first images of her kids, ever. Hewitt has three children, Autumn James, 10, Atticus James, 8, and Aidan James, whom she shares with her husband, fellow actor Brian Hallisay. While it's not an actual photo, the three kids appear in animated versions of themselves on the cover of Inheriting Magic: My Journey Through Grief, Joy, Celebration, and Making Every Day Magical, Hewitt's upcoming memoir, which is set for release on Dec. 10.

The 9-1-1 actress enlisted artist Vanessa Rivera for the cover, which also includes an animated version of Hewitt holding a wand and spell book. According to E! News, the book will chronicle Hewitt's journey following the death of her mother, Patricia Hewitt, in 2012.

"Here it is! My new baby! This incredible cover was done by an angel @the_life_of_aivax I can’t believe how lucky I was to get her for this book!" she wrote alongside the reveal. "Moms who create magic are special! And she is a magic maker for sure. Can’t wait for you guys to read it! @benbellabooks."

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"It was the most stressful decision to show our kids or not show them," Hewitt told E! "But my husband and I felt like we couldn't really tell our story without knowing who they are and how they have made our lives so full and magical."

She also gave her family a shoutout and mentioned that she dedicated the book to them and gave some insight into the magical motif that she used in the cover.

"My kids also saved me in grief," she continued. "They are gifts from my mom and have filled our hearts in such an incredible way. This book is for them! I felt healed enough from losing my mom to finally be able to write about it. I also have seen how creating little bits of magic for my kids and friends makes our memories and everyday lives special. I wanted to honor my mom and how much being a mom means to me and this felt like the best way."

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Hewitt went on to say that while she's lived her life in the spotlight for so long, starting way back on Kids Incorporated in 1989, the book will give fans new insight into her life.

"The real me. The mom me and not just the public version which has been so much of my life," she said of what readers can expect from the book. "It meant a lot in my healing journey to cry and write about my mom, to hurt and still honor her with telling people how special she was and still is in my life."

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She also hopes that the book will help anyone going through grief, as well. In addition to being a reflection on the death of her mother, she notes that Inheriting Magic will also include family recipes and more.

"I reached a greater place of healing from writing this book," she added. "But it also shows birthday parties, holidays, how to plan, and some family recipes that I hold special. As I create my brand, The Holiday Junkie, I wanted to show why I am that person and how it's a mindset and way of life not just a brand."

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