Jerry Seinfeld Says He Misses 'Dominant Masculinity' And People Aren't Laughing

Jerry Seinfeld said on a podcast this week that he likes “a real man” and misses “dominant masculinity,” angering a considerable part of the online population. (Watch the video below.)

“Nothing says frail male ego like talking about ‘dominant masculinity’ this way,” one woman wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

The comedian was discussing the heavy nostalgia of his 1960s-set Pop-Tart comedy, “Unfrosted,” when he joked about always wanting to be a real man but falling short. He then appeared to delve into more serious territory.

“I really thought, when I was in that era, again, it was JFK, it was Muhammad Ali, it was Sean Connery, Howard Cosell ― you can go all the way down there,” Seinfeld told “Honestly” host Bari Weiss in a podcast episode released Tuesday.

“That’s a real man. I want to be like that someday. Well, no, I never really grew up. You don’t want to, as a comedian, because it’s a childish pursuit. But I miss a dominant masculinity. Yeah, I get the toxic, thank you, but still I like a real man.”

Many social media users pushed back at the “Seinfeld” legend: