Jessie James Decker posts celebratory bikini photo after recent body-shaming

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Jessie James Decker won't let critics keep her from enjoying her latest vacation, as she posts bikini photos from the beach with husband Eric Decker over a month after tearfully responding to people who were body-shaming her in a Reddit thread.

The 33-year-old shared a pair of photos to her Instagram on Sunday where she's rocking a multi-colored bikini while posing with her husband. The occasion, she explained, was to celebrate the release of her latest song "Should Have Known Better."

While people praised Jessie's success in the comments, many also made remarks about the singer's physique. One commenter even questioned how she could have possibly received so much hate about her body in the recent past.

"It was hurtful," Jessie responded in reference to the Reddit comments which she previously said mentioned how "fat" she had gotten and how "terrible" her body looked. "It was photos and videos right after our Italy Greece trip where I just wanted to live life and eat and drink wine and enjoy myself and yeah I gained happy lbs!! But it was like damn, really gonna point that out?"

Jessie had already spoken about how "awful" the body-shaming comments had made her feel in a series of Instagram stories on July 13. She also made a plea to trolls to remember "I'm a human being and your words hurt me."

Still, the mother-of-three has gone on to post photos showing off her figure. She even shared that she was able to channel the negativity into the creation of her latest music video and her preparation for it.

"[I] busted my butt in the gym anyway cause I had a music video shoot to get ready for after we came back. But the moral of the story for me is to not let what [people] say get to me anymore as long as you feel good and happy in your skin that's all that matters," Jessie's response to a commenter continued. "But I will say it motivated me during my music video shoot and maybe the message of the song had a different meaning for me!"

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