Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Single Most Unbelievable Trump Claim From His Trial

Donald Trump and his legal team have made a number of wild claims throughout the Stormy Daniels hush money trial, but Jimmy Kimmel said there’s one in particular that’s an absolute “fairy tale.”

That’s the claim Trump didn’t have sex with Daniels, as she alleges, but paid her $130,000 in hush money anyway.

“This is a guy who’s been sued hundreds of times for not paying plumbers, for stiffing dishwashers, waiters, painters, bartenders, even his own lawyers,” Kimmel said Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “We’re supposed to believe he handed a $130,000 check to a porn star for no reason?”

Daniels spent another day on the witness stand on Thursday as the former president’s attorneys tried to make the case that she never had an affair with Trump.

The trial resumes Friday.

See more in Kimmel’s monologue: