Jinger Duggar is being shamed for her 'too small' baby bump

<i>Image via Instagram/jeremy_vuolo</i>
Image via Instagram/jeremy_vuolo

TV personality Jinger Duggar is half way through her pregnancy — but according to some fans, she doesn’t look pregnant at all.

The 24-year-old’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, shared a photo of his wife on Instagram over the weekend — and fans were quick to weigh in.

Duggar has been on the smaller side her entire pregnancy, but that hasn’t stopped critics from weighing in on her body.

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“Where’s the baby bump,” one person bluntly asked. “She’s over halfway, she should have a good size bump,” commented another.

At 24 weeks pregnant, Duggar is due to give birth to her first child in July. And while it’s true that most women are larger at this point in pregnancy, varying bump sizes are normal and shouldn’t always constitute concern.

Take the Duchess of Cambridge for example. Currently pregnant with royal baby no.3, her bump is noticeably larger this time around — and experts say that’s totally normal.

“Essentially, each pregnancy will have its own differences and similarities but we do expect ladies to have bigger babies the more children they have,” Aly Dilks, a former midwife, told the Daily Mail about Kate’s bump.

“During your first pregnancy the body uses hormones to make changes to accommodate the baby. As your rib cage widens and your uterus expands, it can take time to establish a real ‘bump,'” she explained.

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Nonetheless, onlookers couldn’t help but speculate when it comes to Duggar’s bump. Some guessed that the photo was a throwback to earlier days in the pair’s relationship.

“It’s probably an old picture from before she was pregnant,” one person said.

Photo credit: @carlymelendez847

A post shared by J E R E M Y V U O L O (@jeremy_vuolo) on Mar 25, 2018 at 9:05pm PDT

Nope, just a little belly under a big shirt. She’s also sitting in prime position to conceal a baby bump as much as possible.

Duggar has been charting her pregnancy on her own Instagram, and recently posted a photo showing her visible bump.

Vuolo #22weeks

A post shared by J I N G E R V U O L O (@jingervuolo) on Mar 18, 2018 at 4:07pm PDT

No matter how big or small her baby bump is, Duggar is healthy and happy, which is something we should be thankful for.

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