Joe Rogan mocked for ranting about fake news story on Spotify podcast – and then realising it’s fake

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Joe Rogan is being heavily mocked for a clip in which he realised he’d shared a “fake” news story on his podcast.

In an episode of Spotify’s Joe Rogan Experience released on 12 May, the commentator announced: “I read something briefly and I didn’t get into the article.” He then claimed that Australia is “trying to pass a bill that would outlaw you growing your own food”.

Believing the story to be true, Rogan mocked the imagined Australians for the imagined proposed law, calling these imaginary people “f***ing creeps”.

He suggested the fake law could have been designed to uncover anti-vaxxers, adding: “They got a good grip on people during the pandemic. They locked everybody down in Australia and they thought ‘You know what? We’re going to stop these motherf***ers from growing their own food.’ ‘Cause that’s how you f***ing smoke out an anti-vaxxer.”

Quoting these imagined people, he said: “You can’t even go to a grocery store anymore and you can’t grow your own food – take that shot, bitch!”

When a news story was attempted to be perused for further discussion, Rogan’s guest could be heard saying ”nothing’s coming up.” Instead, an unrelated story about new Zealand is brought up, with the guest stating: “This is... close?”

Starting to worry he’d just pedalled a fake news story, Rogan then picked up his phone to try to find the news story himself, saying: “That’s gotta be a real thing. It seems too good to not be.”

The guest could be heard adding: “Not a single thing comes up.”

Rogan then exclaimed: “Yep, I can’t find it either. Dammit! Better not be fake. It might be fake.”

Joe rogan tried to find the ‘fake’ news story on his phone (Spotify)
Joe rogan tried to find the ‘fake’ news story on his phone (Spotify)

Here, Rogan’s guest, public speaker Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe, added: “But even if it’s fake, the fake is usually the warning.”

Rogan, who has been branded an “absolute clown” for the error, is getting roundly mocked and criticised after the clip was shared on Twitter by @KnowNothingTV.

“It all makes sense now because a 5 second glance on Google is all the research Joe does before spouting off bs,” @AliveNed88 wrote, while @danielprins stated: “Imagine getting outraged at something you completely made up yourself.”

@specschic added: “No surprises on how this show spreads conspiracies.” Meanwhile, @tylertoof wrote: “This dude is slipping so hard it’s just hilarious at this point.”

This isn’t the first time Rogan has been duped into thinking something related to Australia is true when it was, in fact, completely false.

Joe Rogan is being mocked on Twitter after realising he’d shared a fake news story on his podcast (Spotify)
Joe Rogan is being mocked on Twitter after realising he’d shared a fake news story on his podcast (Spotify)

In 2021, he branded a satirical Australian ad that featured on ABC panel show Gruen “absolute dumbest propaganda”.

The message of the ad, which namechecked Rogan, was to encourage people to listen to science on Covid vaccination, the effect of which has been questioned by Rogan in the past.

His spreading of Covid “misinformation” is what led to the boycott of Spotify by music stars including Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash in January.

Rogan corrected himself when he realised his error.

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