John Krasinski got caught stealing iconic prop by The Office co-star

John Krasinski has revealed which iconic prop he stole from The Office, whilst also implicating the co-star who caught him in the act when they wrapped the series.

During their rewatch podcast, the Office Ladies have been shining a light on all the behind- the-scenes shenanigans that the cast and crew got up to back in the day.

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As they approach the final episodes of the rewatch, Krasinski joined hosts Jenna Fischer (who played Pam Beesley) and Angela Kinsey (who played Angela Martin), and discussed their last day on set.

"I'm choking up just talking about it, but then when you come back in and see your TV dad and all of your family waiting there and clapping, and [Greg Daniels, The Office creator] said, 'That's the end of The Office,'

"I think the colour black came out of my mouth," shared the actor, who played Jim Halpert. "It was just the scariest, most beautiful, horrific moment of my life."

The conversation didn't remain so wholesome though, as Krasinski later revealed he stole the iconic Dunder Mifflin company sign after the series ended.

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His actions meant that Daniels missed out on taking "the one thing" he wanted, as the actor admitted: "I've always lied to Greg that I didn't take it, but I did. I stole it."

Krasinski also put the spotlight on Kinsey by revealing she had caught him whilst he was trying to get the sign into his car. "I was like, don't look over here!" he said. "It wasn't quite dark enough, so it just looked like I was putting a body in a car."

Despite witnessing the theft, Kinsey had kept quiet all these years – until Krasinski mentioned it on the podcast. "Well, now you did [confess]. You told everyone," he joked. "And I was dressed like a cat burglar."

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