JP Sears visits Vancouver, finds his spiritual home in a Lululemon store

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JP Sears visits Vancouver, finds his spiritual home in a Lululemon store

Self-proclaimed spiritual guru and internet satirist JP Sears has shared his parody wisdom with the world through social media in his series 'Awaken with JP.'

In it, he offers instructions on becoming gluten intolerant, taking yoga photos for Instagram, meditation and imagined a world 'if meat-eaters acted like vegans.'

In all, his playful spoof videos have been viewed 28 million times. He recently visited Vancouver, to promote his new book How to be Ultra Spiritual. 

The Early Edition's Samantha Garvey joined JP on a tour of Vancouver to see the city's most spiritually trendy spots.

While exploring the city that has gained its own reputation for spiritual superiority, he appropriately took the time to check out its most famous athletic leisure and yoga apparel store, Lululemon.

"Adrenaline is pulsing through my body. I feel my wallet is getting lighter. I have this insatiable compulsion to spend $250 on a pair of pants that are too tight for me," he says as he enters the shop in Kitsilano. 

So what happens when the internet's most spiritual satirist meets the West Coast's most seriously spiritual city?

He suggested less rain for better zen in the wet city:

"More sun equals more selfies, equals more zen, equals more world peace. Obviously."

Listen to the audio labelled JP finds his essence in Vancouver for the full-body experience.

With files from CBC Radio One's The Early Edition