I Just Learned What One Of The Loudest Animals In The World Is And It’s Literally 3 Inches Long

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the loudest animal in the world is? No, well, me neither, until I did have a moment of curiosity that led me to under the sea. (Sorry.)

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, the sperm whale is the loudest animal in the world but after that, I’d assumed that perhaps another type of whale was the next loudest, or maybe even a lion but no, I was thinking too big.

Sure these animals are loud but they’re not quite as loud as uh, a type of shrimp.

Yes, really.

The tiny shrimp that makes a giant sound

According to the International Fund For Animal Welfare: “Pistol shrimp, also known as snapping shrimp, are crustaceans in the family Alpheidae, capable of producing sounds up to 189 decibels with the snap of their large claws.”

To put this into perspective if you don’t think about decibels in your day-to-day life (same), that is louder than a rocket launch, a live music gig, a night club, and even fireworks, according to the Royal National Institute for Deaf People.

Now, that is wild enough, right? But even more concerning, these animals grow to a maximum of 3 inches. All that noise in one tiny body!? They’re SO SMALL, where do they fit it?!

That’s not all, though. As well as being loud as hell, these shrimps pack a real punch.

Saltwaterfish.com said: “The most distinctive characteristic of this shrimp is its large claw, which it uses to create a snapping sound, hence the name “pistol” or “snapping” shrimp.

“This claw is not only a formidable weapon against predators but also a tool for hunting prey.”

Never has ‘small but mighty’ been more true!