Kate Beckinsale Fires Back at Critics Telling Her to 'Take That Ridiculous Bow Off'

"Being bitter isn't the only option," the 50-year-old English actress quipped in the comments of her latest IG post

<p>Kate Beckinsale/Instagram</p> Kate Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale is clapping back at critics.

The 50-year-old English actress received a slew of disparaging comments about her appearance — particularly her oversize hair bow — after sharing a series of videos on Instagram. In the clips, Beckinsale is seen making fresh mozzarella and singing karaoke with a group of friends while wearing an all-black ensemble consisting of a vest, short shorts, tights, platform combat boots and a massive bow atop her head.

In recent years, the Underworld star has made the statement-making accessory her trademark, despite criticism of the look.

"Please take that ridiculous bow off," one user commented on Beckinsale's carousel of videos shared on Monday, June 17.

The actress didn't hold back in her reply, writing, "As I said before, take that expression off your bitter a-- face. Unless you can't. In which case, condolences."

In response, a different user commented, "I am a happy person, and I still think the head dressing is a very poor choice."

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Beckinsale jumped into the conversation once again, saying, "You can't be that happy if you have any time or inclination to actually type concerns about what someone you don't know is wearing or not."

To another commenter who said the actress looked like "a toddler in a pageant," she quipped back, "Lucky old me."

One fan complimented Beckinsale's bows, writing, "I love that the bows are getting bigger & bigger."

Others commented on the actress' youthful appearance.

"How she looking so young? No man, no kids, that's the secret?" one user wrote.

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Beckinsale replied, "My daughter is 25. I do think living with a man can be quite aging tbh."

The Pearl Harbor actress, who was recently hospitalized for an undisclosed health issue, opened up about the "vicious" bullying she faces as well as her "severe anxiety" around aging.

In a since-deleted Instagram post originally posted on May 5, 2024, the star shared a decades-old video of herself side-by-side with a clip from a recent red carpet appearance, writing, “These videos might be 20 years apart — maybe more.”

“I hate talking about this because I hate adding to this conversation but I’m doing it because insidious bullying of any kind over time takes a toll," she began.

<p>Theo Wargo/Getty</p> Kate Beckinsale at The King's Trust Gala, May 2024.

Theo Wargo/Getty

Kate Beckinsale at The King's Trust Gala, May 2024.

Beckinsale continued, “Every time I post anything — and by the way, this has been the case since I was about 30 — I am accused of having had unrecognisable surgery/using Botox using fillers/being obsessed with looking younger and it’s really such a tiresome and subtly vicious way to bully a person.”

She went on to deny any plastic surgery and opens up about her "severe anxiety" which developed after a traumatic childhood event.

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“Life happens — obviously I have aged, everybody ages; I’m not too concerned about aging — because I found my father dead at the age of 5,” she shared, adding that she “spent most of my teenage years and a good deal of my 20s absolutely crippled with severe anxiety and panic attacks that I was going to die of a heart attack too.”

<p>Kate Beckinsale/Instagram</p> Kate Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate Beckinsale.

Beckinsale concluded the post by acknowledging that "it will have absolutely no effect" and that the bullying "isn't going to stop."

"But I’m also posting it because whatever someone looks like, accusing them constantly of things they haven’t done, or being obsessed with youth when actually, currently I’m obsessed with surviving loss, is bullying," she continued.

“Please stop now."

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