What Katie Price has said about bankruptcy and threats of jail

Katie Price has been declared bankrupt again

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What Katie Price has said about bankruptcy and threats of jail. (Getty)

Once said to be worth about £40million, Katie Price has been declared bankrupt again.

Bankruptcy is a legal process when a person or business is unable to repay spiralling debts. The I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star owes £761,994.05 to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), a court has been told. It has been five years since the former glamour model was first declared bankrupt in 2019.

This week's news only adds to the reality TV star's woes after Price was fined £880 for driving without a licence or insurance. In her latest podcast The Katie Price Show released on 14 March, Price admitted she was struggling with feeling "so drained at the minute".

The queen of reality TV - who has five children Harvey, Junior, Princess, Bunny and Jett - also addressed the court cases and why she hadn't been able to attend. Price, who is now dating JJ Slater from Married At First Sight, said on the podcast: "Behind the scenes, there's been court cases that I'm supposed to have gone to and I haven't been able to mentally."

She further explained: "There's a shortage of ADHD meds that don't help, I can't get hold of any. I've been to The Priory to see the doctor so I'm dying to try me on the different meds. There's a shortage. They reckon they'll come back in March."

Price shared exactly how she was feeling saying: "So where I have a lot going on, my poor head is like that. The only thing that keeps me focused is the kids, the podcast and the work that I do... It's not that I don't have routine, it's all the other pressures behind the scenes. Soon as that comes in, I will probably be a different person again."

In her own words - we take a look at what Price has previously said about being bankrupt, the threats of going to jail and the £2.5million sprawling property she calls The Mucky Mansion...

Bankruptcy and threats of jail

Katie Price pictured outside court in 2022. (Getty)
Katie Price pictured outside court in 2022. (Getty)

In October, Price admitted bankruptcy was "driving her nuts" and she would go to prison to clear her money woes. She told The Guardian: "If I could go to jail to clear all this, I would, because it’s driving me nuts."

Price has spoken openly about her bankruptcy before and addressed it last year in a podcast chat with Michelle Visage. In a brazen moment, the mum said the law should stop threatening to send her to prison and do it as she admitted she was "fed up".

She said on podcast Rule Breakers: "I'm so threatened with court letters all of the time, I've been to court more times than I've had hot dinners lately. I am not scared of court anymore. I have said, 'Can't you put me to prison to cover it all' to be done with it. I'm fed up of the reminders and why I'm in it. Sorry Kate... I genuinely don't care if I go to prison."

Podcast host Visage pressed the former glamour model on why she didn't care about going to prison over bankruptcy. Price reasoned: "Because it's done then. I love all prison stuff. I can experience what it's like in there. I'm like I could do a story when I come out from prison. It's a win win situation isn't it?

"It wouldn't affect my job. I wouldn't be in there long. If they keep threatening me, just do it. Just put me in there then! Stop threatening, just do it."

What about the Mucky Mansion?

Katie Price renovates her home in her new series. (Channel 4)
Katie Price renovates her home in her new series. (Channel 4)

Price seems to have no fears she could lose her home amid her bankruptcy crisis.

She previously insisted that her home - the £2.5million Mucky Mansion set in sprawling land in Sussex - is protected and that no one can take it from her despite her spiralling debts. The mum-of-five first bought the house in 2014 for £1.3million and she has lived there for 10 years with her children.

In October last year, she told The Guardian: "People write about me as if I’ve not got a pot to p**s in. My £2.5m house is protected. It’s mine – no one can ever take it."

The 19-bedroom house has been the centre of reality show Katie Price's Mucky Mansion which documented the renovations the star made to the vandalised and uninhabitable property in a bid to clean up its "mucky" reputation.

In the Channel 4 show, Price hailed the Mucky Mansion as her "happy home" in 2022. Of her home transformation, she said: "I've put my touch on it, and so have my family. But this just goes to show you can turn things around, and I'm really proud of what I have achieved."

"This is my land and my house, now the house is coming back together like I'm coming back together," she added. "In the past this place has been called the Mucky Mansion, but it's not that any more, it's now my happy home."

Price to lose 40% OnlyFans earnings

Katie Price is a huge name in the UK showbiz world. (Getty)
Katie Price is a huge name in the UK showbiz world. (Getty)

It was ruled in March that Price would lose 40% of her OnlyFans earnings to repay her debts over the next three years. The court heard she had failed to repay the amounts she had voluntarily agreed to.

Described as the "queen of glamour" on her OnlyFans account, users must pay £12 ($14.99) to access "exclusive content". OnlyFans is one of four companies that has been ordered by the court to put 40% of her earnings towards her repayments.

Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Catherine Burton said they were "obligated to deduct 40% of the income due to be paid to Ms Price".

Yahoo has reached out to Katie Price's representatives for further comment.

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