KC Chiefs safety Justin Reid torched a Buffalo Bills fan who tried trolling him

Ahead of their AFC Divisional playoff game against the Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs ran specific drills to prepare for quarterback Josh Allen.

“We focused on a couple big bag drills that we can practice, just to have your weight behind your legs and be ready to wrap up,” Reid said on the “Golf Underground” podcast.

Allen has a big arm but he’s also a threat to run the ball. The 6-foot-5, 237-pound Allen can be a handful, which is why the Chiefs prepared for him.

“Josh is a big dude. He’s basically a tight end playing quarterback,” Reid said. “You remember moments like last year, and how he was able to run the field on us and it’s like, that’s not happening in this game. ...

“He’s not a guy that you can go and dive at his legs. You’ve got to bear-hug tackle him. If you just dive at him, he’s going to bounce right off of you. He’s going to stiff arm you. So you know those are his go-to things. And you know, for me, it was a little bit personal from the year before that.”

Indeed it was. During a 24-20 loss to the Bills during the 2022 season, Allen leaped over Reid on a rush and photographers captured the moment.

Ahead of the solar eclipse on Monday, a Bills fan used a picture of that play in an effort to troll Reid.

It backfired spectacularly as Reid was able to rub it in the fan’s face that the Chiefs had won two straight Super Bowl championships and he brought up the 2021 AFC Divisional playoff game.

The Bills thought they’d won that game with 13 seconds to play, then watched the Chiefs tie it at the end of regulation and win 42-36 in overtime.

Reid went scorched earth on this poor fan.