Kelly Ripa Orders This Fast Food Favorite While On the Road

It's a well-known celeb hot spot.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

We all have our favorite fast food go-tos. For me, it’s Shake Shack. I’m not the only one. In an Allrecipes taste test of fast food cheeseburgers, Shake Shack came out on top. I like my burger simple. A patty, cheese, and Shack sauce on one of the restaurant’s tasty potato buns. But there are plenty of others to choose from across the country, from regional to nationwide.

When I saw that Kelly Ripa’s fast food order while on the road was from In-N-Out Burger, I wasn't that surprised. After all, In-N-Out is beloved amongst celebrities (especially after awards shows). Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos, hosts of the daily talk show "Live with Kelly and Mark" which films in New York City, enjoyed their In-N-Out on a recent trip to California and shared a photo on Instagram stories.

As an East Coaster, I’ve only ever had In-N-Out twice, and both times the restaurant did not live up to the hype. But then I realized that on occasion I have had sub-par Shake Shack experiences so I’m going to give Kelly and Mark the benefit of the doubt.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Share Their Relatable In-N-Out Order



Together, the famous couple ordered two cheeseburgers with tomatoes and lettuce, and two orders of French fries, according to People. The photo also showed multiple ketchup packets. The music that accompanied the photo? The Mamas and the Papas “California Dreaming.”

This does not, however, mean that Kelly ate all of her burger. Last summer, when Burger King released its "Real Cheese Burger" in Thailand, Kelly and Mark had a conversation about it on their TV show, preserved on the show’s YouTube channel. The Real Cheese Burger is all cheese and bun, and nothing else—20 slices of American cheese in between a bottom and top bun—and Mark told Kelly about in front of their audience.

Upon learning it was just cheese, Kelly—who is known to eat mostly vegetarian—said, “I see nothing wrong with that one. Cheese in a bun how I eat a burger.”

"Whenever we go to Burger King, or any fast food establishment,” she said, “I immediately remove the burger, I give it to [Mark], I eat the cheese, the stuff, and the bun because that to me is why I’m there. I’m there for the stuff.”

It’s not definite, but there’s a good chance that Kelly gave Mark her extra In-N-Out patty to eat, and just enjoyed the bun, cheese, and “stuff,” aka, lettuce and tomato, along with her fries and ketchup.

Which is totally fine by us. It’s no different than an (un-grilled) grilled cheese with lettuce and tomato, as Kelly pointed out, and who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Seems like Zendaya and Kelly have something to talk about.

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