Ketamine disguised as children's games seized at Dallas airport

Members of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Canine unit examine luggage at a domestic airport. Officials announced they intercepted Ketamine labeled as plastic board games in Dallas Thursday. Photo courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

May 16 (UPI) -- Authorities have seized 10 pounds of the hallucinogenic drug Ketamine disguised as plastic children's toys at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol announced Thursday.

The drug is often used to facilitate sexual assault, officials said, and they found multiple packages of a crystalized white substance in two shipments arriving at DFW airport and destined to Miami, Fla., from London. The substance was determined to be Ketamine.

"The drugs were seized in cargo identified as children's board games," a press release from CBP said.

"Global criminal networks utilize a wide array of tactics to smuggle dangerous and deadly drugs into the United States, but our CBP officers are highly trained in detecting and stopping these schemes," Dallas Area Port Director Jayson Ahern said after the ketamine was seized.

"Ketamine is considered a 'dissociative anesthetic hallucinogen' because it can create a sense of detachment from pain and the environment the user is in," the CBP said. "Abuse of Ketamine may cause unwanted side effects such as: agitation, depression, cognitive difficulties, unconsciousness and amnesia. Involuntary rapid eye movement, dilated pupils, salivation, tear secretions and stiffening of the muscles, possible nausea. An overdose can cause unconsciousness and dangerously slowed breathing."

Ketamine has been increasingly abused recreationally in recent years, and is becoming a new target for drug enforcement agents and law enforcement authorities.

Ketamine has also been used, however, in the successful treatment of certain mental and emotional issues, and is gaining popularity when used therapeutically in clinical settings. It is being used in commercial and hospital settings.