Kevin Spacey Civil Sex Assault Case Set for Trial in UK

A civil sexual assault case filed against Kevin Spacey is moving forward after his lawyers appeared in London on Monday to assure the lawsuit, which was pending the outcome of his criminal trial last year, did not fall into default judgment.

Spacey’s criminal trial ended in acquittal last summer. Four men had accused the actor in separate charges in London, where Spacey has a home, but a jury cleared him on all eight counts.

It was not clear whether one of the alleged victims was the plaintiff in the civil lawsuit, which was filed by an anonymous man. The accuser says the assault took place in 2008.

No trial date was set, but the discovery process was to begin next year for the suit, which was originally filed in 2022.

A panel of British subjects heard five weeks of testimony last year on eight criminal counts of sexual and indecent assault from 2001 to 2013 brought by four men who said he made aggressive and unwanted advances, charges that could have landed the “Usual Suspects” actor in jail for life. All four accusers testified, as well as Elton John for the defense, and other material and character witnesses.

Spacey maintains homes in both London and New York, where late last year he was found not liable in a civil lawsuit brought by “Rent” actor Anthony Rapp.

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