Khloé Kardashian Thought Her Brother Rob Kardashian Could Be the Father of Her Son Tatum

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Another day, another unexpected revelation from a member of the Kardashian family. This time, we have Khloé Kardashian admitting she made Tristan Thompson take not one, not two, but three paternity tests out of fear that the biological father of her son Tatum might be her own brother, Rob Kardashian. Yeppp.

Khloé Kardashian recently appeared on her OB-GYN Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi’s SHE MD podcast and admitted that her son Tatum, whom he shares with ex Tristan Thompson, looked so much like Rob Kardashian when he was born that she actually thought there had been a mishap with the sperm samples. (Tatum was born via surrogate.)

“My son looks just like my brother, and my brother is one of my favorite people,” Kardashian recounted. To make matters worse, Dr. Aliabadi agreed, saying that Tatum “looks more like Rob than he looks like anyone else” and that “he could be his son,” which prompted the big revelation.

“Because he’s an IVF baby or a surrogate baby, I was like: ‘Rob, did you ever donate sperm somewhere?’” Kardashian shared before revealing that she “made Tristan do three DNA tests for Tatum; he was so offended. And I’m like: ‘But he doesn’t look like you!’”

Of course, Kardashian was partly joking, but she also said that the chances of her ending up having a son with her own brother “would not surprise” her given their family antics but that it admittedly “would be so disgusting.”

Aside from the I-thought-I-had-my-bother’s-baby of it all, Kardashian also opened up about another side of surrogacy that she struggled with, explaining that she felt “detached”  from Tatum throughout the pregnancy, which took her a while to get over.

“The entire pregnancy of my surrogate, I admittedly buried my head in the sand. I said to Dr. A: ‘I can’t do this,’ and the whole surrogacy pregnancy, I was really detached. I couldn’t really face it. I was very much, I think, in denial that this was happening,” she explained. “No one found out about my pregnancy with Tatum until a couple of weeks before [he was born], and it devastated me because that’s when all the judgment and the knives were thrown at me.”

She had previously echoed the sentiment in an episode of The Kardashians, where she said: “When you compare it between True and him, it’s a very different experience, like, the connection. I just feel bad… Not bad; I feel guilty sometimes. I’m like, why isn’t it the same? But I know it will be.” And judging by the many posts dedicated to Tatum on her feed now, it looks like it has.

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