Kid gets totally wiped out by wave

I shared this in my stories the other day, but I don’t think everyone got a chance to see this! We went to a ”waveless” beach in Puerto Rico (most of the beaches here have huge waves like you can see in the distance of this video). We were all enjoying the beautiful weather + the baby waves, I turned around to look at the beach, turn back to look at Noah + Elijah, and see my son being wiped out by the wave as Noah is recording the whole thing hysterically laughing, anticipating the wave! You probably can’t hear it, but I definitely threw in a reprimanding “NOAH”! 😂 Elijah has always been such a resilient kid + this wave caught him more by surprise than made him cry, as most things usually do! I hope he’s able to carry that strength + discernment with him as he gets older + is swept up by more figurative life waves! Credit/Instagram:@cascadeowl