Kidnapped woman seen hanging out of car speeding at 100 mph, Missouri cops say

A kidnapped woman made multiple attempts to escape a moving vehicle, even hanging her body outside a car’s passenger door as the vehicle sped at over 100 mph, Missouri police said.

Helen White, 36, initially pulled the woman by her hair into the car, according to St. Louis County Sgt. Tracy Panus. The woman asked to get out of the car multiple times before White started to drive, police said.

“The victim proceeded to put her arms and legs out of the window on at least two occasions and tried to climb out of the car window as the car was speeding,” according to the news release.

St. Louis County police said they noticed the woman and attempted to pull the car over.

As the car sped away at over 100 mph, police said “other cars on the road had to take evasive measures to avoid collision” with White’s car.

White also attempted to pull the kidnapped woman back into the car, according to the news release.

Eventually, police used spikes to stop the car and arrest White in Washington Park, Illinois, Panus said.

White was charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest, according to police. Her bond was set at $250,000.

The two women knew each other, Panus said.

Washington Park is about a 10-mile drive east of St. Louis.

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