Killer of 5-year-old Kamarie Holland sentenced to death by Alabama judge after conviction

A man convicted for the death of a 5-year-old Phenix City girl who he raped and strangled has been sentenced to death.

Jeremy Tremaine Williams was convicted on capital murder charges in the December 2021 death of Kamarie Holland.

Williams was sentenced to death Monday morning on all four capital murder charges he was convicted of by Judge David A. Johnson in a courtroom in Phenix City.

Living in Columbus, Georgia, at the time of the murder, Williams raped and strangled Holland after offering her mother $2500 for Holland to perform oral sex on him, according to testimony given in his trial.

Video evidence was shown to jurors Wednesday showing officers finding Holland’s body and videos Williams took on his phone of him sexually assaulting Holland.

Some jurors began to cry as videos of Holland’s assault were shown to them.

After Williams was convicted Friday, Holland’s father Corey Holland Sr., said he wanted the death penalty for his daughter’s killer.

“His life compares nothing to Kamarie’s,” Corey said.

He reiterated a similar statement Monday in the courtroom after being called to speak. Addressing Williams he said, “You don’t deserve life yourself.”

Reaction to the verdicts

Corey read a statement Monday from Kamarie’s grandmother that read, “What kind of demonic creature are you (Williams)?”

Corey told the Ledger-Enquirer Friday, “Each and every day and night I’m going to be missing Kamarie.”

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said, “I hope they put him to death,” after the guilty verdict was given Friday.

He told the Ledger-Enquirer this is one of the hardest cases the sheriff’s office has ever had to investigate.

“If there’s ever been somebody that’s deserving of the death penalty its Jeremy Williams,” Taylor said after the death sentence was given Monday.

“He’s another type of evil that we in society just don’t need walking around,” Taylor said Monday.

District Attorney Rick Chancey said, “I guess I’m satisfied, that’s the most we could get and it brings no joy and it brings no peace.”

Chancey said he visited Holland’s grave the other day and said, “There’s no reason that baby should be in the ground.”

“I want to remember her, not this joker,” said Chancey. “Jeremy is not somebody I want to remember in life.”