Kitsilano residents play it cool over rumours they could be getting royal neighbours

Come this spring, Prince Harry and Meghan will no longer be working members of the Royal Family and will, therefore, no longer use their royal titles or taxpayer money, according to a statement released Saturday from Buckingham Palace.

It's been reported for weeks that the couple is interested in living in Canada at least part of the time and some British press are reporting that the couple is interested in buying a $36-million house on Point Grey Road in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. 

So, in order to keep the speculation going over the couple and their son Archie, CBC News in Vancouver sent reporter Jon Hernandez to the property to ask residents what they think about the possibility of the royals moving in. 

Jon Hernandez/CBC

For the most part, the handful of people surveyed were supportive of the family living in Kits, but they all agreed it would change the makeup of the neighbourhood, which is known for its large properties and ocean views.

Trina Littlejohns, who used to live in the UK, understands why the couple wants to try to live a quieter life after having to deal with the public spotlight and media in Britain.

"They're kind of in your face there," she said about the British press.

"I think it's great, they're good people and they want to sort of get away from the royal family-ish, so I think it's great."

Dominic Lipinski/The Canadian Press

'I'm very conflicted'

Richard Roy isn't so sure though. His daily walk includes a stroll along Point Grey Road, where the house is.

"I don't know, I'm very conflicted because people should be able to do what they want," he said. "From a selfish viewpoint, it will screw up our lives because this is a daily walking point and I don't think it will be quite the same anymore."

Roy said he would avoid the area if the royal couple moved in. "There would probably be too much ruckus," he said.

Jon Hernandez/CBC

Max Lekhtman came down to see the house on Saturday with his dog Luna. He agreed that things around the home, such as added security, would probably change the neighbourhood, but he is supportive of the family being in Vancouver.

"I just want them to be happy I guess you know, I'm sure it's not easy for them with everything they're going through," he said.