Kourtney Kardashian shows off mom bod in the Bahamas: ‘Real and relatable’

This is 45.

Kourtney Kardashian celebrated her a quasi milestone birthday (which fell on April 18) with a tropical family vacation.

The reality star didn’t tag her location; the only clue that her crew was in the Bahamas was a beach post by her stepdaughter, Alabama Barker, who gave up the goods.

But where exactly? Anyone who knows anything about the area may have noticed a telltale clue in one of Kardashian’s Instagram photos: Pigs.

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The harmless animals are the famous residents of Big Major Cay, aka Pig Beach, in Exuma, about 300 miles from Miami. They’re a popular tourist attraction, and have even made an appearance on “The Bachelor.”

A handful of the little guys are roaming on the sand behind behind Kardashian as she poses on a lounge chair in a colorful bikini.

“45 trips around the sun,” said the caption.

A bunch of Kourtney’s 223 million followers gave the new mom props for not using a filter (son Rocky with rocker husband Travis Barker was born Nov. 1).

“Natural bod over anything.”

“The healthiest of them all!”

“Wish I looked like this after four kids.”

“Thank you for being real and relatable.”

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One keyboard critic even wondered if the designer “had another bun in the oven,” and various commenters sprung to her defense.

“She can’t have a pooch or a normal looking body coz a little bulge around the tummy is automatically a pregnancy. Y’all need to rest.”

While equally famous younger siblings Kim and Khloe constantly get called out for photoshopping fails, Kourtney could apparently not care less.

An inside source recently told People magazine that the Poosh founder is way over caring what other people think.

“As she’s getting older, things that mattered in the past, no longer [do]. She is much kinder to herself, tries not to stress and is very happy with life.”

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