Kraken must handle Shane Wright's future with care

The Seattle Kraken have assigned their first-round pick Shane Wright to AHL affiliate Coachella Valley Firebirds but do clubs need to take more care in how their handle the progress of NHL prospects?

Video Transcript

OMAR: I think they're handling it horribly. And I just-- if you weren't going to play the kid, then just frickin' send him down. And it's the same thing, I'm sorry, making them both lose, is the same thing we're seeing, we're seeing in Toronto right now where like Nick Robertson is up, but he's not playing games. And you continue he's continuously being healthy scratch. And yes, there's benefits of being in the NHL. You get a higher salary, you get access to all this equipment, and you're around veterans, but like you're not playing hockey games, man.

And it's just like I think at this point, it'd be better to send him back down to the OHL and have them to stomp people so at least his confidence can be up, and then bring it back afterwards or something. But the way they've been handling this makes absolutely no sense. And maybe it's just like some miscommunication between the coach and management. Maybe management wanted them up and the coach could find no swap off for him, but I think the fact that we're here is just a horrible for Shane Wright. And I hope long-term this doesn't impact his career, or his playing style, his development, or anything.