Kris Jenner Tells Daughter Kourtney That This Addition to Her Son Rocky’s Nursery Is ‘Not Normal’

The momager spotted an odd addition to her grandson's nursery as she helped Kourtney organize things

<p>Taylor Hill/Getty; Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty</p>  Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian

Taylor Hill/Getty; Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty

Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian

Kris Jenner was a bit confused when she spotted a unique addition to her grandson Rocky Thirteen's nursery.

During this week's episode of The Kardashians, the momager, 68, visits her daughter Kourtney Kardashian Barker, 45, to help the Lemme co-founder set up her nursery for her baby on the way. In a confessional, the mom of four explains why her family is currently at husband Travis Barker's house.

"We're at Travis's now because Travis and I have really been taking our time with figuring out where it makes sense for us to live together because the kids are also comfortable in their spaces," she explains in the confessional.

"But it feels like we've kind of figured out a plan for now. So we're gonna move into his house, which is a block away and then redo my house at the same time. So that we can all be together, living together under one roof with the baby," Kardashian Barker says.

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The scene switches to the expectant mom leading Jenner around her house, showing off her bedroom and her baby's nursery.

"Everything that needs to be over at Travis' is there and we just had the baby's closet built out so that he has a cute little closet," Kardashian Barker says in her confessional. "And yeah, I'm just excited to organize and put away all of his clothes."

In the scene, Jenner spots Barker's drum set, which Kardashian Barker says has been using to practice for his tour with his band Blink-182.

"Wait, you have a drum set? Where the baby sleeps?" Jenner asks in disbelief, to which Kardashian Barker responds, "Yep."

"This is not normal Kourtney," Jenner says. "He's gonna get used to some drums," Kardashian Barker replies.

"How can you play drums if the crib is right there?" Jenner asks.

"He was getting ready for tour," Kardashian Barker says of her drummer husband.

"He has to practice in the bedroom, you have a huge house and you're practicing next to the bed. Okay?" Jenner asks.

During last week's episode, Jenner teared up as she spoke with Kardashian Barker about how she'll never be pregnant again. “Are you sad that you'll never be pregnant again?” Kardashian Barker asked her mom.

“Don't make me cry," Jenner said, immediately tearing up. "Pregnancy was my most beautiful experience, especially my first one. My little pepper. Well yeah, you turned out really spicy. I wasn't counting on that.”

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