Kristin Chenoweth Reveals She Survived Domestic Violence After Viewing Diddy Video

Kristin Chenoweth is speaking out about her personal experience with domestic violence for the first time.

The Broadway actor and singer made the revelation Saturday while reacting to newly resurfaced footage from 2016 that showed Sean “Diddy” Combs violently assaulting his former girlfriend Cassie Ventura at a Los Angeles hotel.

“Honestly i have my reasons for the Sean Combs video bothering me so much,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “The main thing i need to do is pray for him. For real.”

Chenoweth’s initial post drew a heated response, with some X users accusing her of empathizing with “a monster” rather than the victims of his abuse. “With the greatest of respect, he needs legal intervention, not theological,” one person wrote.

The online backlash promoted Chenoweth, a devoted Christian, to share her own experience.

“Never wanted to come out with it, but here we go,” she wrote. “Several years ago i was severely abused. It took me therapy and prayer to understand i deserved better. I was deeply injured physically and spiritually.”

She went on to note: “The only thing i knew to do when i got out was pray. Pray for myself. Pray for him as he grew up abused. So. There yall go.”

Though Chenoweth didn’t name her abuser, she shared additional details about her ordeal in a series of follow-up posts.

“It was the lowest I’ve been in my life,” she wrote. “I must admit i haven’t forgiven yet. It’s beyond me. God is helping me through that part.”

Later, she added: “A victim has to handle it however she-he- they needs to and is best for them.”

Chenoweth has been married to Nashville musician Josh Bryant since September 2023.

Her social media comments followed CNN’s release of the Diddy footage last week. The three-time Grammy winner ― who is currently facing sexual abuse allegations from numerous women ― appears in the clip wearing nothing but socks and a towel around his waist while chasing Ventura into a hotel elevator lobby.

Diddy can then be seen grabbing Ventura, throwing her to the ground and repeatedly kicking her. Moments later, he appears to shove Ventura in a corner after she attempts to use a hotel phone, and then throws an object at her off-camera.

On Sunday, Diddy responded to the footage being made public with a one-minute apology video on Instagram, but made no direct mention of Ventura.

“I take full responsibility for my actions in that video,” he said. “I’m disgusted. I was disgusted then when I did it. I am disgusted now.”

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.