KU Jayhawks, Topeka frozen custard restaurant got a mention on HBO Max show

Actress Jean Smart has won an Emmy Award for her work on the HBO Max show “Hacks,” which returned for a third season earlier this month.

On a recent episode, Smart’s character, Deborah Vance, heads to a golf tournament when she bumps into a man from Kansas. In the space of a few seconds, viewers heard the KU Jayhawks’ chant and a reference to G’s Frozen Custard in Topeka and one of their special frozen treats.

“I know you, Carter Walsh, the Comms King of Kansas,” Vance says. “Hope you brought me some of that brown bread frozen custard, my friend.”

Walsh responds: “Oh, it’s gonna be a fun weekend.”

“Oh,” Vance says, “you know it.”

Walsh adds: “Can’t wait to see you emcee.”

“Ooh, Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” Vance says.

IMDB shows the episode was written by Ariel Karlin, Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs. One can’t help but wonder if one of those three has some sort of ties to this area.