Kylie Kelce Gives Taylor Swift’s New Eras Tour Dress Her Subtle Seal of Approval

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A Full Timeline of Kylie and Taylor’s FriendshipInstagram

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce have only known each other for a few months at this point, but—based on our collective sleuthing—they’ve become fast friends. Which is great news because they could be in each other’s lives for a very long time if our fanfic about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship comes true!

And while Kylie isn’t out here joining Taylor and Brittany Mahomes for nights at Zero Bond, there are clues (Easter eggs, if you prefer) here and there that prove these two are getting close. On that note, cute friendship timeline incoming!

October 9, 2023

Kylie reveals that her and Jason Kelce’s daughter is a Swiftie:

November 11, 2023

Kylie calls out a misleading headline about her and Taylor on TikTok, saying, “Go watch that video. Go watch that interview. Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie, trying to avoid the Taylor Swift spotlight, saying it’s not my ‘cup of tea.’ I said it’s not my cup of tea to have attention on me. I didn’t say that. That seems like a stretch to me.’re reaching! You. are. reaching. You’re reaching!”

December 3, 2023

Kylie subtly shows her support for Taylor as her publicist shuts down speculation about her and Joe Alwyn:

January 21, 2024

Kylie and Taylor meet for the first time! Annnnnnd this happens:

Jason ended up talking about how Kylie felt about his, um, unique first impression on New Heights, saying, “I don’t think she was happy about it, to be honest with you. Like, whelp, there’s Jason. I’m not gonna lie, I gave Kylie a heads-up. The moment we got into that suite I said, ‘I’m taking my shirt off and I’m jumping out of that suite.’ And she said, ‘Jason, don’t you dare.’ I’m just letting you know what’s happening. I’m not asking for permission. I’m doing this.”

Jason added that Kylie was “already telling me to be on my best behavior because we were meeting Taylor. So she’s like, ‘Do not....Be on your best behavior.’ I was like, ‘Kylie, the first day I met you, I was blacked out drunk and fell asleep in the bar. This is part of the charm. This is part of the Jason Kelce charm. I wanna make my best first impression, this is my best chance! Set the bar nice and low.”

January 29, 2024

Kylie is spotted celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ win with Taylor in Keleigh Sperry’s TikTok.

And here’s a cute pic!

a group of people posing for the camera

February 11, 2024

Kylie and Taylor are spotted hanging at the 2024 Super Bowl!

Note: Kylie didn’t actually watch the game due to superstition. As she put it, “At some point Sunday, my superstition kicked in hard. I refused to watch the game, even via the TVs. Here is @sarahhking_ being the real MVP. I was just watching her reactions and that kept me in the loop.”

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March 31, 2024

Kylie and Taylor spend Easter together! Like, with a bunch of other people, but still. And according to the Daily Mail, Travis introduces Taylor to his nieces—Bennett, Elliotte, and Wyatt—for the the very first time on the trip. Cuuuute.

April 1, 2024

When asked about Taylor and Travis on Today, Kylie says, “Ultimately, if Trav is happy, we’re happy. We are always cheering on Uncle Trav. It’s such a treat to be able to do that on and off the field. But it’s been amazing.”

May 12, 2024

Kylie drops a Like on Alberta Ferretti’s pic of Taylor’s new Eras Tour dress. She APPROVES.

And that brings us up to date! Can’t wait for more on these two as their friendship progresses.

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