Labour wins UK election in landslide victory as Keir Starmer celebrates: ‘We did it!’

Keir Starmer addresses the nation in his victory speech (Image: YouTube)
Keir Starmer addresses the nation in his victory speech (Image: YouTube)

Labour has won the UK 2024 election, with Sir Keir Starmer telling voters in a victory speech: “We did it!”

Sir Keir, who will today become the new prime minister, said at London’s Tate Modern: “You campaigned for it, you fought for it, and now it has arrived. Change begins now.”

At the time of writing, Labour was set to win with well over 400 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, ending 14 years of Conservative rule.

“A weight has been lifted” – Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

By 7:30am, Labour were on 410 seats, the Conservatives on 118, the Liberal Democrats on 69 and the Scottish National Party on eight.

Prime Minister and Conservative leader Rishi Sunak apologised for his party’s campaign performance.

Sir Keir Starmer’s victory speech

“You campaigned for it. You fought for it. And now it has arrived. Change begins now. And it feels good. I have to be honest. Four and a half years of work changing the party, this is what it is for. A changed Labour party, ready to serve our country. Ready to restore Britain to the service of working people. And across our country, people will be waking up to the news, relieved that a weight has been lifted, a burden finally removed from the shoulders of this great nation. And now, we can look forward again. Walk into the morning. The sunlight of hope, pale at first, but getting stronger through the day. Shining once again on a country with the opportunity, after 14 years, to get its future back.”

“A sobering verdict” – Rishi Sunak

In a speech from his constituency in North Yorkshire, Rishi Sunak said: “The Labour party has won this general election. I have called Sir Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory. Today, power will change in a peaceful and orderly manner with goodwill on all sides. That is something that should give us all confidence in our country’s stability and future.

“The British people have issued a sobering verdict tonight. There is much to learn and reflect on. And I take responsibility for the loss. To the many good, hardworking Conservative candidates who lost tonight, despite their tireless efforts, their local records of delivery and their dedication to their communities, I am sorry.”

Sunak said that he will travel to London later today to deliver his formal resignation to King Charles III.

“The first step of something that is going to stun all of you” – Nigel Farage

Reform’s Nigel Farage was elected as an MP for the first time as he overturned a 25,000 majority in Clacton, Essex by 8,000 votes.

In a speech, the politician said the result was “the first step of something that is going to stun all of you.”

Other key election details include the Conservatives losing all their seats in Wales, former PM Liz Truss losing her seat in South West Norfolk to Labour by 630 votes, and Kemi Badenoch, the equalities minister and favourite to lead the Tory party in the future, holding her seat in North West Essex.

Other notable Tories who lost their seats included Penny Mordaunt and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey meanwhile said his party was “on course for our best results in a century.”

He furthermore added: “I am humbled by the millions of people who backed the Liberal Democrats to both kick the Conservatives out of power and deliver the change our country needs.”

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won as an independent candidate in Islington North.

“The next Labour government will once again advance LGBT+ rights”

This week, Attitude published an open letter to LGBTQ voters written by Sir Keir.

In it, he wrote: “The Labour Party is committed to a decade of national renewal. I want every person to feel proud and confident in who they are, every person to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, and everyone to enjoy the same rights and opportunities.”

He furthermore added: “If we win on 4th July, the next Labour government will once again advance LGBT+ rights, build stronger and more compassionate communities, and bring transformative change to Britain.”

“Attitude is clear: LGBTQ+ rights include trans rights”

Introducing the op-ed, Attitude publisher Darren Styles said: “Much of what follows in Sir Keir’s missive is positive and indeed impressive, does offer hope of genuine change and will likely reverse, in part, the trend of decline in LGBTQ+ rights in the UK. But, in our opinion and in light of events, it is equivocal in parts in that it makes no mention of the trans issues that have subsequently come to light.

“And Attitude is clear: LGBTQ+ rights include trans rights, trans rights are human rights and human rights are not political. Or at least shouldn’t be. It’s politicians that make human rights political, and when they do so in search of popularity, support and/or power you have but one chance to hold them to account.”

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