Lala Kent shuns Vanderpump Rules amid pregnancy

Lala Kent has avoided 'Vanderpump Rules' during her latest pregnancy.

The 33-year-old star is expecting a baby girl after going through intrauterine insemination earlier this year, and Lala has confessed that she's deliberately avoided watching the reality TV show over recent weeks.

Lala said on Amazon Live: "I was kind of getting into a darker place this season. I’ve stayed off the internet, but I don’t need to stay off the internet … like, I know what people are saying. The backlash that I’m getting.

"Unfortunately, it’s hard, because I don’t regret any of the season. So, it’s just best that I stay away from it."

Lala insisted that she's currently focused on her pregnancy, rather than any on-screen drama.

The reality star said: "This is my real life and I know the show is too, but I just want to stay in my real life of creating my family. So I’ve just been staying away from all that stuff because I live a really amazing, amazing life.

"I feel really happy about all of the changes that I’ve made in my world to get to where I am, and I’m really proud of the success that I’ve gained on my own with many, many years of hard work and I just want to relish in that."

Despite this, Lala insisted that she still respects 'Vanderpump Rules' and the fans of the show.

The outspoken star - who already has Ocean, three, with her ex-partner Randall Emmett - shared: "I love Bravo and I love NBCU, and I love 'Vanderpump Rules' and I love all of you guys. But this is a really important time in my life, and I will be damned if anybody tarnishes or gives me memories of it not being a beautiful time in my life."