Lamborghini and Ferrari go head to head on the open highway

Lamborghini and Ferrari enthusiasts would all agree that both of these cars are impressive in their power and styling. They are beautiful machines that inspire awe in all who see them. But we normally only see them cruising slowly or parked at car shows and meets. Rarely do we see them in a full throttle acceleration. And if we do, they are usually out of sight in seconds because they are moving so fast. This video takes you into the passenger seat of a Lamborghini Performante for a look at how it feels to accelerate at full throttle. A Ferrari has pulled up alongside this vehicle as the two travel together in a car rally with hundreds of other supercars. The two sportscars go head to head in an acceleration comparison that takes you from the speed limit to more than double in seconds. The engines roar and the landscape blurs past. But both are so evenly matched that even the drivers are unsure of who won the race. These drivers are professionally trained and highly skilled. They accelerate briefly when there is no traffic around and then return quickly to the speed limit. They also take great care to communicate and plan so that they are not changing lanes or creating a hazard for other motorists. We also get a look at several other Lamborghinis, as well as a Pagani and a Bughati, two hypercars that few people are ever lucky enough to set eyes on. These drivers enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere when they get together for an event such as this one. They also fund raise for local charities and community groups on each of these adventures, so the rallies are a win for everyone. North Face Rally is a car club based out of the Toronto area. They have been nicknamed "The Fast and the Generous" due to their philanthropic work.

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