Landlords should have more responsibility for evicted tenants, says Maple Ridge, B.C., councillor

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    Speirs says that 30 to 40 year old rental housing is too old. That means that most individual houses right across the country are also too old!

    The only reason a building would need to be torn down after 40 years is if it has been badly maintained.

    I know that tenants typically do a lot more damage to a property than a home owner, but the outside of the structure is completely under the control of the landlord.

    Presumably what is happening here is that the municipalities are giving permission to redevelop these properties with many more, and/or much bigger and fancier condos with taxes to match with no extra cost to the municipality.

    I suggest that every over stressed municipality talk to our dimwit in charge, Justin, and tell him to pull way back on immigration, especially those in the welfare category!

    Immigration is the number one problem every growing municipality has with housing, and over crowding in hospitals, schools and jails.
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    More entitled tripe from granolaland.
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    landlords NEED the power to evict. only way to keep their properties worth something and keep negligent tenants away
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    Obviously - this moronic government wants more housing units to be changed from rental to condo. Why else would they make it harder and more expensive to evict deadbeat tenants.
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    With these stupid conditions - who will want to rent? Maybe if you got a $10G damage deposit and $5G last months deposit. But under these laws - how many units will remain rental.