From latex-glove baubles to a toilet-seat star, BC Ferries' Christmas tree embodies the woes of 2020

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If 2020 were a Christmas tree, it would be what BC Ferries has concocted on board its vessel that sails between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert.

The corporation's conifer — and its peculiar decorations — lit up Twitter this week, after a rider snapped a photo of it.

The tree is festooned with blown-up purple latex gloves that "almost look like turkeys in a way," according to Joshua Azizi, who captured the tree in all its glory.

Notice, too, the ornaments featuring BC Ferries' now-infamous mandatory mask logo, which bears striking phallic imagery.

Other decorations include poop emojis, a toilet plunger and and toilet paper rolls with creepy faces on it, because why not?

The piece de resistance? A toilet seat in the place of a star.

"That toilet seat may act as a flotation device if needed," a user noted in response.

In an email, BC Ferries said the tree was their attempt to shine a little light of humour.

"The crews recognized the toll the pandemic has taken on everyone," a spokesperson wrote.

The company added that it continues to take the pandemic seriously, noting "the safety of our employees, customers and communities remains our priority."

Azizi suspected the sapling would spark some joy.

"People seem to really like this darn Christmas tree," he said.