Lawrence O'Donnell Scorches Fox's 'Newest Liar' Jesse Watters Over Trump Jury Claim

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell crowned Jesse Watters as the “newest liar” in Fox News’ 8 p.m. time slot after former President Donald Trump used him to take aim at the jury in his hush money trial.

“The Last Word” host called out Trump for his “juror intimidation” and claimed he violated his gag order on Wednesday after the former president quoted Watters, who has gone throughdescriptions of prospective jurors and jurors that have been seated.

“‘They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump Jury,’ Jesse Watters,” wrote the presumptive GOP presidential nominee on his Truth Social platform.

On Thursday, O’Donnell tossed to a clip of Watters’ on-air remarks about the jury before declaring that he takes up a spot on “the lying channel.”

“A network that has been adjudicated to have told [$787.5] million dollars worth of lies in a defamation case. The previous occupant of the 8 p.m. slot had told so many of those lies, that even Fox decided they had to let him go,” O’Donnell said of Tucker Carlson.

He continued, “And the occupant before that one of the 8 p.m. slot lost his job only after being exposed as a grievous serial sexual harasser at Fox, who — in just one case — paid $32 million to one woman Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed.”

Watters started at Fox as O’Reilly’s “errand boy,” O’Donnell noted, and he’s the “same person” who recently asked whether a worker earning $20 an hour is making “six figures.”

“That’s how stupid you can be on Fox,” he said.

O’Donnell claimed Trump rewrote Watters’ lie on Truth Social.

“Jesse Watters never said the phrase, ‘in order to get on the Trump jury.’ That’s Donald Trump’s original composition. That’s his writing. So, that is going to become a challenge for Donald Trump’s lawyers when this issue is subject to a hearing on Tuesday,” he said.

H/T Mediaite