Lenny Kravitz’s female abuser thought it was funny he had a girlfriend

Lenny Kravitz’s female abuser thought it was “comical” he had a girlfriend when she molested him at the age of 13.

The ‘It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over’ rocker, 60, told in his 2020 autobiography ‘Let Love Rule’ how he was targeted by a female in his early teens, and has now said he was a virgin when she decided he was so “cute” she wanted to “give him some”.

He told the Guardian when asked if the unnamed woman had sex with him: “No. She began and I stopped her. I had a girlfriend.

“She thought it was comical – ‘You have a girlfriend?!’”

Lenny’s profile in The Guardian said he nodded when asked if he was a virgin at the time.

But he played down the abuse he suffered in the piece, saying any youth would have jumped at the chance to get intimate with an older woman.

He said: “Yes, she did do that, but that wasn’t… in today’s world, yes, that was abuse and assault.

“It was this chick who saw this young teenager and thought I was cute and I’m going to give him some.

“Any young boy would have taken that opportunity and enjoyed the hell out of it.”

Lenny’s interview said he did not “answer directly” when asked if he had talked to his 35-year-old actress daughter Zoë Kravitz about the abuse.

The musician also talked about how he was homeless and living in his car at the start of his car and relying on the “kindness of strangers”.

He said of the period: “It’s a miracle I survived, that I wasn’t abused.”

Lenny had a comfortable upbringing with his NBC producer father Sy Kravitz and his mother Roxie Roker, who starred in the sitcom ‘The Jeersons’ and was a household name.

He said despite the wealth that came with his mum’s job, she refused to buy him a car and refused to get a maid.

His relationship with his father was strained and he left home to live in his car after they had a furious bust-up over Sy not letting his son out to see a concert featuring jazz drummer Buddy Rich, even though his father had introduced him to the music.