Lenovo ThinkStations desktops are 50% off right now

The Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Tiny Workstation, lying flat on its side.

Desktop computers can be expensive, time consuming to build, and space consuming to put on your desk. The Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Tiny Workstation has none of these issues, however, as it is a prebuilt mini PC that is on sale; a triple attack of a product that brings you a reduced price (it is currently 50% off), no building time, and a very small desktop profile. We’ll go into all the details below, but if you want to check out the machine for yourself, go ahead and tap the button below to find the desktop over on Lenovo, where it is part of one of their Doorbuster deals. It’s currently just $879, which is $880 off the usual $1,759.


Why you should buy the Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Tiny WorkStation

When evaluating a prebuilt PC, you should think of how its going to be used and work up from there. So, you might want to consider what situation you’d use the Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Tiny WorkStation in before anything else. It’s body is in a smaller than 8 x 8 inch square slab. More versatile than large towers, it can be laid down flat (perhaps pushed under a monitor stand) or be stood up vertically. You can also VESA mount it, even attaching it to the underside of your desk to save up more space and keep your PC off the floor. In addition to all of the usual ports and the increasingly common USB-C port, you’ll also find a headphone jack, meaning you won’t want your tiny desktop too far away if you want to use that. Next, consider that this small desktop is made to survive, to quote Lenovo, “it will run in extreme conditions from the Arctic wilderness to desert dust storms.” So, it will probably serve as a data entry point for your dusty lab.

After you consider how and where you want to use this small computer, now consider if its stats will work for you. It uses a 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, has 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage, none of which are bad for the small frame it is in. It also comes with Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, making internet fast and reliable if you have one of the best routers.

So, if this strikes your fancy, go ahead and tap the button below. Today’s deal on the Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Tiny WorkStation brings its price down to just $879. That’s $880 off of its usual $1,759, making this one of the better PC deals going on at the moment.