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Monday 17, February

It's a messy, super confusing day, Leo, so don't even try to understand the logic of anything - especially your love life. Mercury just went retrograde early this morning and Neptune and the Moon are squaring off today. Nothing makes sense, so deal with only the simplest tasks this Monday.

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Sunday 16, February

Mercury Retrograde is here and it's already creating mega-confusion and chaos in its wake. You're probably wondering what is real and what is just your projected fears, Leo. This is your chance to go deep into your relationship with change and how you wish to re-emerge after some deep and powerful transformation. By later in March, things may be quite different - but much better.

Saturday 15, February

Today's lunar influence is ideal for just settling in at home and delving deep into your current obsession. You're thinking so much about family, and this is your opportunity to engage in all that you truly adore. You can get back to being romantic and social tomorrow. Today it's still about your inner world.

Friday 14, February

Today's Valentine's Day might have a bit of a dark cast over it with the intense Scorpio Moon looming. Or it could just be super sexy and intense. In any case, you'll likely be happiest spending this one at home, as this lunar influence takes place in your domestic sector.

Thursday 13, February

The Moon is cranky today and so are you. The stars are rubbing against each other in a way that sets everyone on edge, so please don't take any of it personally. You'll have plenty of reasons to feel annoyed and confrontational but trust that peace is always the better option. Let it slide right off your back, Leo.

Wednesday 12, February

The Moon and Venus are in an interesting push-pull dynamic, causing a lot of inner stress. You have strong desires to talk and connect to loved ones and yet another part of you just wants to run away and meditate. Make time for a little introversion to balance all the chatting.

Tuesday 11, February

The Moon is now lighting up your house of money, Leo. It's to prioritize what you really want and how to best use your time to improve your cash flow. Don't worry about the way things did or didn't work for you in the past. It's a whole new game with new rules and brand new potential.

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