Liam Gallagher's health kick

Liam Gallagher is working to reverse the damage years of partying have done to his body.

The 51-year-old rocker admitted he didn't care about taking care of himself when he was younger but he has now given up alcohol, cigarettes and drugs in a bid to turn back the clock and deal with health ailments including arthritis and an autoimmune condition.

Liam told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "You’ve got to undo all the bad work you’ve done through getting off your head and all that.

"It’s time to undo it all now and get back to reality.

"All that stuff that you thought was cool in the early days . . . it’s time to get healthy.

As you get older, life is precious, do you know what I mean? When you are younger you don’t care. But as you get older, you’re getting closer to wherever you’re meant to be going."

And, Liam admitted he doesn't love getting older.

He said: "I have my days when I’m buzzing about everything and then I have days when I’m just like, ‘This is [terrible]’, as in life — you know what I mean?

"Even though I’ve got everything, I mean, it’s just not enough.

"Sometimes I just want the answers now — where are we going, why are we here, what are we doing? But it’s just not possible."

And, Liam has also swapped late-night partying for early mornings.

He said: "I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. I love waking up early in the morning.

“Round about six or seven I start nodding off. But early doors I’m up four o’clock in the morning — come on!

"Just sit around at the end of the bed thinking. I’m a thinker."