Life coach Dana Warren on the health benefits of walking

Dana Warren knows firsthand the power of walking. In 2015, she trekked 800 kilometres across the island.

"As a walker, the more I walk, the more I think, and the more I see the value in that. I love to walk," Warren, a life coach, told CBC radio host Ted Blades during the first installment of the podcast series Tedwalks.

During a walk along Rennie's River Trail in St. John's, Warren and Blades spoke about the benefits of walking for both physical and mental health. Have a listen below:

"After two weeks I felt my city self just go away and I felt connected to my body. We're made for walking, right?" Warren said of her 2015 cross-island hike.

Warren said the physical activity can create community and friendships, and it's not only good physically, but mentally the benefits are vast as well. 

"Walking, exercise and sleep are as good as almost any antidepressant for anxiety and depression," she said.

"Think about the thousands of years that writers, artists, creators have used walking as a means of creation."

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