Liquid Death Is Giving Away an Actual Fighter Jet — for Real

And if you don't want the jet, you could opt for a briefcase with $250,000 instead.

<p>Courtesy of Liquid Death</p>

Courtesy of Liquid Death

Liquid Death, the wildly popular water company, wants to give you a fighter jet. No, this isn't a joke. It wants to give one lucky fan an actual fighter jet worth $400,000.

On Tuesday, the company announced it's giving away a custom-painted Aero L-39C Albatros, which comes with a "top speed of almost 470 mph, nearly 3,800 lbs of thrust."

It's almost too easy to enter this one. All would-be fighter jet owners need to do is upload a photo of their receipt showing they purchased a can of Liquid Death to its dedicated giveaway website between now and September 4. And, as the company noted, "You can enter up to 400 times. Each can you buy is an entry. So buy an 8-pack, get 8 entries. Buy a 24-pack, get 24 entries, etc. Max 400 entries per person."

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And, if you win the jet, the company will even give you a free hangar space for six months so you can figure out your neighborhood's zoning laws on parking a jet in your driveway. It will also give you a year's supply of Liquid Death and a custom flight helmet — because you'll absolutely need that. (It will even toss in covering the sales tax on the plane.) However, the rest is up to you — jet fuel, pilot's license, and all operational costs.

However, if, for some reason, you find yourself not in need of a fighter jet, the company is also offering a cash prize alternative.

"If you decide you don't want your own personal L-39 Aero Jet, you'll have the option to take a briefcase with $250,000 instead," the company shared. "We'll let you keep the helmet and year's supply of Liquid Death, though." Yes, perhaps the cash is more prudent. But it feels way, way less fun.

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Of course, Liquid Death didn't miss its chance to poke fun at Pepsi, which got into legal trouble in the '90s for saying it would give away a jet as a joke as part of one of its marketing promotions — a legal battle that was the premise for an entire Netflix docuseries. In the FAQs on the giveaway, under "Is this a joke?" Liquid Death replied, "This is 100% real. You won't have to take us to court to get a jet." See more about the jet and the giveaway at

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