Local group spreads the love, offers free food and hugs

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Local group spreads the love, offers free food and hugs

A group in Regina was spreading the love this weekend.

The Regina-based YO Org hosted an event called Spread Love in Calgary and Las Vegas, in addition to its home base.

President and CEO of YO Org, Jordan Taylor Roesch, said he got the inspiration to hand out sandwiches, groceries and free hugs while living in Vancouver.

As a student living on Hastings street, he said he often saw homelessness but as a broke student, felt he couldn't give much money away.

Roesch said helping others can be the first step to helping someone change their life.

"It starts with some food and they see that people are there for them and maybe they might think maybe, I want to change, take a different direction in life and that's the hope," said Roesch.

"If you can affect one person, that's amazing. if you can affect two, that's the cherry on top," said Roesch.

The event also gave out free hugs.

"That might even change their day, that might change their week, it might change their month. You never know what could happen for somebody, but just one seven-second simple interaction, you be able to just change someone's life for the positive," said Roesch.