Longtime Summerside fire chief announces retirement

Longtime Summerside fire chief announces retirement

Longtime Summerside fire Chief Jim Peters is retiring.

Collectively, his family has provided 150 years of fire service to the city.

"I'm officially retired June 1, that's the day I walk away," he said.

Peters has served the community as a firefighter for 47 years and was fire chief for most of them.

"Being involved in that length of time you think fire department when you get up in the morning, and you're still thinking about it when you go to bed," he said. "It's going to be a drastic change for me."

What the future holds

He said he isn't sure what's ahead but he has some ideas.

"I may join the fire auxiliary, which is made up of retired firefighters. I may get involved with that."

Peters said he has two sons-in-law involved in firefighting and he has some grandchildren who seem interested. "Some of them say they are going to be firemen when they get big, but we'll see."

He plans continue to run his Summerside business, Peters Monuments, which makes memorials and plaques.

On the scene of many fires

Peters has been on the scene of many tragedies.

"The ones that really touch you is when you lose a life in a fire or in a car accident," he said.

"Children are the worst. It hits everyone, the community, firefighters and everybody when that happens. I think when there is a loss of life, those are the ones you don't forget."

He said firefighting can be tough on mental health, but talking with other firefighters helps.

His family is pleased to see him retire.

"I'm getting up there in age, so they are pleased that I'm going to be out of the way and back home. So, they are happy."

City to celebrate

The city will host a retirement celebration later this summer

Peters said he thanks the city for supporting the fire department during his time as chief.

"I want to thank the firefighters as well."

Deputy chief Tom Peters will act as interim chief.

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